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With an unprecedented 27 consecutive years of economic growth under its belt, Australia is ripe for investment and is drawing attention from talented professionals.

The Australian tech sector in particular is growing quickly and continues to attract international interest. Now, after years of closely following the rise of tech in the country, the Investing News Network (INN) is ready to launch news and educational coverage of the industry.

With a core focus on contextualizing complex topics in the tech arena and helping both new and sophisticated investors make better decisions, INN Australia will provide content on tech market news and trends, stocks to watch and more.

For companies, INN Australia will offer tools to reach the country's active investor audience — a key challenge in any space, but especially in competitive, emerging markets like tech.

The future of Australia's tech space is bright, although in the past the market has been overshadowed by other export industries. Largely dependent on resources and commodities, eight out of 10 Australian exports relate to energy, agriculture or minerals.

To bring tech to the forefront, the Australian government is building out the sector, and verticals like artificial intelligence, esports and renewable energy are gaining importance.

The nation is also looking to integrate tech into industries like mining and agriculture in order to increase efficiency and drive innovation.

Melbourne is the hub of Australia's tech industry, housing over half of the country's 20 top tech companies. Victoria as a whole is home to over 8,000 information and communications tech companies whose annual revenue comes to AU$34 billion.

INN Australia's editorial team has years of experience covering the tech market and will be keeping investors informed with up-to-the-moment news and in-depth educational coverage. Readers can expect the following content:

  • independent, trusted reporting on company and market news
  • original, high-quality educational content
  • quarterly and annual outlooks
  • up-to-date lists of top stocks
  • interviews with knowledgeable analysts and CEOs
  • real-time coverage of conferences and industry events

As Australia's tech sector develops and takes on a larger role on the international stage, INN Australia will be ready to help investors and companies take advantage of what the nation has to offer.

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