GALENA MINING LTD. announces the third batch of assay results from the now completed 2020 Abra Drilling Program at Abra Base Metals Project.


 2020 Abra Drilling Program concluded in late-December with a total of 57 successfully completed new diamond drill-holes (~25km of drilling), taking the total cumulative drilling on Abra to over 100km
 This third batch of assays (18 drill-holes: AB159, AB160, AB162 to AB175, AB178 and AB179) includes intersections from eight holes added to the Program to expand the shallow, close to infrastructure ‘metal rich’ zone around previously reported ‘best high-grade lead-silver drill-hole ever’ at Abra, drill-hole AB147, two of which (AB174 and AB179) are effectively following thick, highgrade mineralisation into an area of Inferred mineralisation
 Outstanding lead-silver intersections in this announcement confirm wide, highgrade mineralised zones:
 AB174 – 32.3m at 13.8% lead and 34g/t silver from 352.7m
 AB167:
 22.8m at 7.5% lead and 24g/t silver from 277.1m; and
 20.1m at 8.9% lead and 18g/t silver from 338.7m
 AB172:
 24.3m at 10.9% lead and 24g/t silver from 288.5m; and
 9.9m at 18.1% lead and 31g/t silver from 342.3m
 AB166 – 16.9m at 9.3% lead and 36g/t silver from 398.9m
 AB171:
 17.7m at 8.8% lead and 30g/t silver from 308.1m; and
 17.0m at 8.6% lead and 15g/t silver from 329.7m
 AB170:
 16.6m at 9.2% lead and 25g/t silver from 352.7m; and
 17.0m at 6.5% lead and 10g/t silver from 374.0m
 AB173 – 13.1m at 8.7% lead and 16g/t silver from 404.0m
 AB 178 – 15.9m at 7.4% lead and 14g/t silver from 437.8m
 AB 159 – 10.7m at 9.2% lead and 26g/t silver from 378.8m
 In a first for Galena, four drill-holes (AB167, AB170, AB172 and AB174) in a single reporting batch show cumulative lead-silver intersections >50m
 One of the last drill-holes drilled in the Program (AB195) was drilled to target the interpreted copper and gold zone – Assays remain pending for that hole but three holes reporting today coincidentally extended into copper and gold mineralisation, with notable significant intersections including:
 3.0m at 2.0% copper, 2.3g/t gold and 29g/t silver from 401.6m in
 6.0m at 1.8% copper and 1.3g/t gold from 391.8m in AB179
 4.9m at 1.0 g/t gold and 24g/t silver from 424.2m in AB166
 Drilling density has been substantially improved (eg, area covered by 30 x 30m or better spacing has increased approximately five fold), particularly over the shallower northern side of Abra, providing opportunities for optimisation of the early years of the mine plan
 Preparatory construction works have resumed at the Project – on site installation of the remaining 200 camp units and other ancillary buildings is underway alongside various civil works such as the explosives magazine (completed) and various site clearing and earthworks, including preparation of the pad for the processing plant

GALENA MINING LTD. (“Galena” or the “Company”) (ASX: G1A) announces the third batch of assay results from the now completed 2020 Abra Drilling Program at Abra Base Metals Project (“Abra” or the “Project”).
Managing Director, Alex Molyneux commented, “We continue to see the area around the previously reported ‘best hole ever’, AB147 confirming relatively shallow thick, highgrade mineralisation. The four holes being reported today with cumulative significant intersections >50m are all from that area. I’m also pleased we finished the substantial program safely and efficiently, and I commend our Geology Team and our primary contractor DDH1 Drilling for their hard work and professionalism!”

The 2020 Abra Drilling Program concluded in late-December with 57 diamond core drill-holes being successfully completed for 24,832 cumulative linear metres. Total completed drilling at the Project is now approximately 100.5km, of which more than two-thirds has been completed under Galena ownership since late-2017.
This release includes assays from 18 drill-holes (AB159, AB160, AB162 to AB175, AB178 and AB179). The assay results for the first 16 holes (AB144 to AB158 and AB161) were announced on 19 October 2020 and 18 November 2020.

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