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Altech – CERENERGY® Battery Project Upgraded DFS Output to 120 MWh Per Annum

Altech Batteries Limited (Altech/the Company) (ASX: ATC and FRA: A3Y) is pleased to announce that, after the final stages of facility design, the Company has successfully increased the output capacity of the CERENERGY® project from 100 MWh to 120 MWh per annum. This enhancement was achieved with the lead engineering company Leadec and joint venture partner Fraunhofer. Interview with Managing Director, Iggy Tan can be found at


  • Upgraded DFS Output by 20% to 120 MWh per annum
  • Annual output will now reach 120 1MWh GridPacks per annum
  • GridPack stacking allows triple stacking with a simple electrical connection
  • Small footprint conserving valuable land area
  • Minimal maintenance required for GridPacks

Through technical design optimisation, the plant output has been enhanced by 20% without incurring any additional capital costs. Consequently, the annual output will now reach 120 1MWh GridPacks. Despite the relatively small size of the plant, most equipment sizes were standard off-the-shelf capacities, offering ample additional capacity. Upon reviewing the equipment throughput with each supplier, Leadec has advised that the rated output of the plant can be conservatively increased to 120 MWh.

Figure 1 - Cell Production Line for CERENERGY® Plant

Figure 2 – Typical Module Assembly Units

In a recent announcement, Altech revealed the updated design of the 60 KWh battery pack, now featuring a sleek stainless-steel exterior instead of the previous blue paint. This modification has instilled a greater sense of confidence, as the stainless-steel finish is expected to withstand extreme temperature variations better, whether in snowy or desert conditions, whilst maintaining its pristine appearance.

A significant design update involves the stacking method of the 1MWh GridPacks. The enhanced design now permits triple stacking and facilitates seamless interconnection between each GridPack. These GridPacks can be conveniently stacked atop one another, using a simple electrical connection. The connection leads will be incorporated within the GridPack frames, enabling an effortless "plug and play" setup. This configuration allows for the parallel or series connection of GridPacks to augment the operational voltage. This ingenious design substantially minimises the space occupied by grid storage battery packs and eliminates the necessity for separate cooling airflow around the GridPacks, conserving valuable land area. These advantages position the CERENERGY® GridPacks as a more advanced alternative to lithium-ion battery solutions.

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