Anson Resources Limited (Anson or the Company) is pleased to announce that it has already identified brine inflow, see Figure 1, while drilling the top of the Mississippian layers in the Long Canyon Unit 2 well. Brine samples are being collected for assaying and the Mississippian units collected will be sent off petrological analysis.

  • Brine has been collected for sampling from the Mississippian units at the Paradox Lithium Project Long Canyon #2 Well
  • Samples were taken from the supersaturated brine for testing for lithium and other minerals from the top of the Mississippian units at a depth of 2345 meters (7691 feet)
  • Drilling is continuing into the up to 120 meter (400 feet) thick Mississippian units with additional samples to be taken for analysis

During this initial phase of drilling the Mississippian units any significant brine inflow or change in “drilling mud” character eg weight, will be sampled. The sample will be a combination of supersaturated brine and drilling mud, so will not be a clear sample, see Figure 1. Due to this, the lithium value will be diluted.

In addition, samples are being collected of the Mississippian units, which consist of porous dolomites and limestones and are noted for vuggy and intercrystalline porosity. After determining the time it takes for the drill cuttings to return to the surface from depth, samples will be collected over 10 feet intervals and the depths recorded, see Figure 2. The cuttings will be sent for petrological examination, which includes mineral paragenesis and detailed photomicrographs. The examination of the cuttings can provide an indication of the porosity and permeability, and the type of porosity.