Asia Green Biotechnology Corp (CSE:ASIA) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s technology channel.

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp is an agriculture technology company working on the creation, cultivation, production and application of high-quality, specialized hemp strains in emerging Asian markets. Asia Green Biotechnology has chosen not to work with the psychoactive components of the cannabis plant, instead choosing to focus on the development of five emerging use-cases of hemp and its byproducts: food, fiber, fuel, pharmaceutical products and foundational materials.

Asia Green Biotechnology intends to develop and offer a diverse range of hemp strains and hemp-based products. The company is working in partnership with technical partners in order to establish its hybridization technology, which has the potential to lead to the development of new hemp-based products tailored for specific applications. Asia Green Biotechnology is targeting the Asian hemp market, which was home to significant industrial hemp production in 2018.

Asia Green Biotechnology’s company highlights include the following:

  • Proprietary organic hybridization technology allows for strains to be bred to produce specific traits optimized for common use-cases
  • Partnered with InPlanta Biotechnology to develop hemp strains optimal for use as food, fuel, fiber, and foundation materials
  • Global industrial hemp market expected to grow from US$4.6 billion in 2019 to US$26.6 billion by 2025 according to Research and Markets
  • Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest amount of industrial hemp production in 2018
  • Licensing agreement with Swysh, enabling Asia Green to participate in R&D activity based on Swysh’s intellectual property

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