Auroch Minerals: Exploring High-Grade Nickel Sulfides in Western Australia

Auroch Minerals (ASX:AOU) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network.

Auroch Minerals (ASX:AOU) explores high grade nickel sulfide projects within Norseman Wiliuna Greenstone Belt, a tier-one jurisdiction, containing some of the best nickel sulfide deposits globally.

Auroch’s flagship Nepean nickel project was a historic mining area that generated over32 kilotons of nickel at less than 500 meters deep. There is a massive exploration potential as the company plans to drill past a pegmatite vein to access the Nepean deeps target area. Compared to Western Area’s (ASX:WSA) Flying Fox nickel mine, it had a similar pegmatite vein. Their deep mining of over 1200 meters produced over 100 kilotons of nickel.

Auroch Minerals’ Company Highlights

  • Auroch Minerals is an exploration company focused on nickel mining in Western Australia, home to the Norseman Wiliuna Greenstone Belt, which contains some of the best nickel sulfide deposits globally.
  • The Nepean nickel project demonstrated historic success at shallow levels and thus there is massive potential for deeper exploration. Scoping studies have commenced for this site and the Saints project.
  • The Leinster and Saints projects provide additional opportunities to explore the Norseman Wiliuna Greenstone Belt with both having easy access to processing plants nearby.
  • Auroch has a strong financial foundation as the company has no debt and can go into production in the short- to mid-term giving greater leverage to do deeper exploration in the future. With a strong financial foundation along with expert leadership, Auroch is poised to go from a nickel-and-dime company to a major nickel producer.
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