iSelect will be utilizing BidEnergy’s Robotic Process Automation technology, allowing customers to compare energy costs automatically.

BidEnergy (ASX:BID), an energy technology company announced that is has partnered with iSelect (ASX:ISU) in a 13 month agreement. iSelect, a comparison website, will be deploying BidEnergy’s Robotic Process Automation utility bill parsing technology to digitise bill data for its customers, allowing users to compare fees and costs within their energy usage.

As quoted in the press release:

Slade Sherman, Chief Experience Officer at iSelect, said: “The Partnership with BidEnergy is an important part of our continued commitment to technology and design solutions that have a focus on customer eases. Our new bill upload feature will result in improved process automation as we cut down the number of steps our customers need to go through in order to receive an energy comparison.”

BidEnergy’s Managing DIrector, Guy Maine, said: “The iSelect agreement is another demonstration of our ability to utilise BidEnergy’s core IP to provide white label solutions beyond our standard “meters” business. We are delighted to launch another product vertical with iSelect which presents strong growth opportunities.

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