ChemX Materials (ASX:CMX) focuses on providing the necessary materials the world needs for electrification and decarbonization. ChemX’s goals are achieved with a dual-focus approach involving its innovative HiPurA™ high purity alumina (HPA) process and its resource projects on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The company is also focused on maintaining a strong ESG framework over the development of its projects.

ChemX’s HiPurA™ HPA process was developed in-house and can produce high purity alumina (HPA) and high purity aluminum cathode precursor salts for use in lithium-ion batteries, LEDs, and semiconductors. Initial testwork indicates that the novel process is low-cost and low in energy consumption compared to the traditional technologies. Additionally, HiPurA™ HPA is not tied to mine production allowing production to be developed close to the end users . A pre-feasibility study for a pilot plant is underway, and a micro plant is currently nearing completion.

ChemX HiPura HPA Flowsheet

Company Highlights

  • ChemX Materials is a materials technology company focusing on supplying the materials required for decarbonization and electrification.
  • The company has developed the HiPurATM HPA process, a novel, innovative process for producing high-purity alumina used in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Testwork has indicated its process is a low-cost and low-energy alternative to conventional processes.
  • The HiPurA™ HPA process is not tied to a mining operation allowing ChemX to build production facilities close to the end-users.
  • ChemX also owns 2 exploration tenements on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia that focus on manganese, rare earth elements kaolin and halloysite.
  • An experienced management team leads the company towards its goals of supporting the world’s transition to clean energy.

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ChemX Materials

ChemX Materials

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