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Cleo Diagnostics: Revolutionising Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis Through Accurate and Early Detection

Cleo Diagnostics (ASX:COV) is revolutionising women's healthcare with its disruptive cancer detection platform technology, through a simple blood test that can accurately detect ovarian cancer early. Cleo is well-positioned to leverage this market opportunity considering a compelling addressable market for this technology.

Developed over the course of a decade by Dr. Andrew Stephens, Cleo’s blood test is underpinned by the CXCL10 novel and patented protein biomarker known to be present in all stages of ovarian cancer. By combining CXCL10 with several other biomarkers in a custom algorithm, Cleo can not only be used in triage, but also for the purposes of screening and recurrence testing. The project is currently in the advanced R&D stage and has so far conducted two clinical studies, analysing more than 700 patient samples in the process.

The Cleo Diagnostics Test Kit

The CleoDX Technology is readily accessible powered with an AI-based risk assessment feature that leverages a proprietary algorithm to perform a risk evaluation on the patient, determining the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis.

Cleo plans for the test to be ready for clinical use in a surgical triage setting by 2025, where it will be available initially to one million patients. Target launch dates for recurrence, high-risk screening and mass screening are still to be determined.

Company Highlights

  • Backed by medical professionals and cancer specialists with decades of experience, Cleo Diagnostics has developed a disruptive, accurate and early-stage ovarian cancer detection blood test.
  • Cleo targets the CXCL10 novel biomarker, which is now known to be overexpressed in all stages of ovarian cancer.
  • Cleo is the result of more than a decade of research at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, where chief scientist Dr. Andrew Stephens received more than $5 million OCRF & NHMRC funding for development and clinical studies.
  • The test is also supported by Professor Tom Jobling, founder of the Ovarian Cancer Foundation and Lucinda Nolan, the foundation's former CEO.
  • Cleo has developed a staged execution strategy focused on an achievable path to market. This ensures the project, which is currently in its advanced R&D stage, can maximise commercial value for all stakeholders.

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