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DC Two (ASX:DC2)

DC Two: Australian Data Center Services Designed Leveraging Leading Edge Technologies

DC Two (ASX:DC2)) provides cloud-based, locally operated and supported data center infrastructure and offers a suite of vertically integrated services covering every aspect of data center and cloud technologies. Led by an experienced team of technology specialists and entrepreneurs, DC Two aims to go beyond providing infrastructure by offering API-powered microservices, giving customers advanced capabilities without the need for in-house developers.

DC Two is an ISO-27001-certified provider of infrastructure services and now leverages its data center expertise to offer advanced microservices, allowing customers to capitalize on evolving capabilities. The company’s ISO-27001 certification ensures that all its services are protected with industry-leading cybersecurity standards.

DC Two Core Services

To meet the demands of modern enterprises, startups and small businesses, DC Two offers:

  • Local Cloud: The company operates its own ISO27001 cloud platform in Perth and Darwin, or creates hybrid environments to meet the customers’ specific needs.
  • Data Centers: DC Two operates a robust infrastructure capable of providing data center services to accommodate a range of customer requirements. The company offers ‘bring your own hardware,’ colocation and hybrid cloud hosting to meet a variety of needs.
  • DC Soft (In-house Software Development): DC Two offers software development services for customers needing custom solutions unique to their enterprise.

Company Highlights

  • DC Two is an Australian technology company providing locally operated and supported cloud-based services and infrastructure.
  • The company offers vertically integrated services that its customers can configure based on their needs.
  • DC Two is at the forefront of offering ready-to-use microservices, a next-generation cloud architecture that allows customers to cut costs and improve reliability.
  • The microservices architecture market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as organizations of all sizes continue to embrace its benefits.
  • The company is ISO-27001-certified, providing confidence in the security of its customers' data and applications.
  • DC Two offers a fully configurable platform levering its vertically integrated services so its customers can build their ideal solution.
  • An experienced team of seasoned IT experts and business leaders are at the helm, leading DC Two into the future of data center services.

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