Latin Resources Limited (ASX: LRS) ("Latin" or "the Company") is pleased to provide an update of activities at the Company's 100% owned Noombenberry Halloysite-Kaolin Project ("Noombenberry" or the "Project"), where the Company is rapidly advancing the Cloud Nine Deposit ("Cloud Nine") through preliminary and Pre-Feasibility ("PFS") mining studies.


  • Close spaced drilling confirms continuity at Cloud Nine, with thick, near surface Ultra-High brightness (+80 ISO-B) kaolinite. Resultsinclude:
    • NBAC361: 10m @ 85.8 ISO-B from 10m
    • NBAC356: 24m @ 83.4 ISO-B from 14m
    • NBAC357: 28m @ 82.7 ISO-B from 16m
    • NBAC358: 20m @ 82.5 ISO-B from 16m
    • NBAC385: 28m @ 82.0 ISO-B from 11m
    • NBAC386: 22m @ 82.0 ISO-B from 11m
      • Incl: 10m @ 85.5 ISO-B from 13m
  • Outstanding halloysite results received from the first 14 holes in the Geostatistical Cross drilling program. Significant intersections include:
    • NBAC356: 12m @ 25% Halloysite from 34m Incl: 6m @ 36% Halloysite from 34m
    • NBAC357: 12m @ 24% Halloysite from 32m
    • NBAC358: 25m @ 28% Halloysite from 14m Incl: 10m @ 43% Halloysite from 26m
  • Resourceinfillandextensiondrillcampaignsamplingcomplete, which will provide sufficient data to increase the current Inferred MRE to a JORC Indicated and potentially Measured classification.
  • Earlyresultsfrominitialmetallurgyindicateimprovedyieldsmaybeachievedfromthefine fraction of the kaolinised granite.
  • Investigationofanalternateanalyticalpathway, targeting significant reductions in cost and analysis time using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectral Analysis and Machine Learning technologies are proving to be highly encouraging.
In May 2021, the Company announced a maiden Mineral Resource Estimate ("MRE") of 207Mt of kaolinised granite, which includes separate domains containing 123Mt of bright-white kaolinite and 84Mt of kaolin/halloysite-bearing materiali. The large-scale of the Mineral Resource places Noombenberry as a globally significant halloysite project, and with exceptional growth potential remaining, given the deposit is open in all directions.