EarthRenew Inc. (CSE:ERTH) has been featured in a sponsored video produced by Pinnacle Digest covering EarthRenew’s production facility and operations in Alberta.

The company’s flagship feedlot facility in Strathmore, Alberta is capable of producing up to four megawatts (MW) of power per hour through a natural gas-fired turbine. The heat from the turbine is then used to convert manure into a certified organic fertilizer. EarthRenew is working to create a value-added asset out of the waste created by livestock in an effort to reduce the financial and environmental costs of the untreated waste.

“Because 50 percent of this product is that organic matter, we’re replenishing the soil as well as adding nutrients to it every year. We get the productivity from the nutrients, and we build up the value and richness of that soil so we can keep growing crops year over year,” said EarthRenew CEO Keith Driver in the feature.

To learn more about EarthRenew’s livestock manure conversion facility, watch the full video feature here.

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