Global Oil & Gas (ASX:GLV) is pleased to announce positive results from the near surface, helium soil gas sampling program (“soil suvery”) at pre-determined sites located within EP127.


  • Maiden soil survey across 49 sample sites identified a consistent helium gas value with elevated values, up to twice background, being recorded in the north east of the study area
  • Subsurface seismic mapping shows NW to SE trending faults, near the MacIntyre wells, within the sampling area that are potential migration paths for helium to the surface
  • Findings indicated an active helium system is present within the study area

The results of this study show regions of helium detected at up to double background levels, these regions also correlate with the known geology of the region, with the existence of a potential source and migration pathways. These findings indicate an active helium system is present within the study area.

The field work was conducted late 2021. The survey consisted of soil gas sampling being undertaken at forty-nine sample sites in EP127, this data was then cross- referenced and analysed in respect of the satellite spectroscopy and the subsurface geology data.

A consistent background helium gas value was established from soil samples. Elevated values, up to twice background, were recorded in the north east of the study area. The field results concur with the sentinel-2 satellite spectroscopy, showing an elevated level of helium on the surface in the same part of the study area, as shown on Figure 1 below.

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