Perth-based lithium exploration and development company Winsome Resources (ASX:WR1; “Winsome” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it has received outstanding metallurgical results from test work on composite samples from the Company’s Cancet and Adina projects in Quebec, Canada.


  • Outstanding metallurgical results achieved from test work on composite samples from Company’s 100% owned Cancet and Adina projects
  • Exceptional high recoveries - potential for Cancet ore to be beneficiated to a 6% Li2O concentrate with Dense Media Separation (DMS)
  • Results build on test work previously conducted by MetalsTech
  • Test work to form part of scoping studies for both Cancet and Adina

Heavy Liquid Separation (HLS), with batch flotation tests, were performed on three composite samples prepared from split drill core.

Exceptional metallurgical results were achieved in the test work undertaken on two lithium-bearing composite samples from the flagship Cancet project and one composite sample from the Adina project. Samples were sourced from split drill core from the Phase 1 drilling campaign which was previously completed at Cancet. Hole selection was guided by the requirement to ensure the metallurgical testing would provide a representative view of the deposit at Cancet.

HLS tests achieved global lithium recoveries ranging from 68% to 83% (interpolated to 6% Li2O grade). Overall lithium recoveries, when combining results obtained from HLS and batch flotation testing, ranged from 85% to 94% with spodumene concentrate lithia grades ranging from 5.96% to 6.27% Li2O.

Initial test work results show the potential for a dense media separation (DMS) processing route which would lessen environmental impacts, enable quicker approvals and subsequently, accelerate time to market. Future test work will further investigate iron rejection in the flowsheet; the impact of host rock dilution on metallurgical performance; and optimisation of the flotation conditions.

Metallurgical test work was undertaken at SGS Canada Inc. in Lakefield, Ontario.

Winsome’s Managing Director Chris Evans said:

“Results from the metallurgical test work on composite drill core from our Cancet and Adina projects are outstanding. The latest results significantly build on test work done previously by MetalsTech1 , which tested a Cancet composite with Heavy Liquid Separation (HLS). We have expanded the testing to include Adina and flotation test work on samples from both projects.

The recoveries are exceptional with just HLS as a standalone and are improved further with flotation test work. They show Cancet ore can potentially be beneficiated to a 6% Li2O concentrate with just Dense Media Separation (DMS). This will result in a lower environmental impact with less comminution (crushing), power and chemicals needed, lower capital cost and quicker approvals, which should mean an acceleration to market.”

Composite sample assays are shown in Table 1. Lithia grades in the composite samples ranged from 0.97% to 1.74% Li2O.

Table 2 shows the mineralogical composition of the samples. Spodumene content ranged from 12% to 21%. The samples contained relatively low muscovite content (<5%). Low concentrations of biotite and clinochlore (iron-bearing silicate minerals) were present in the samples.

Heavy-Liquid Separations Tests

The samples were stage-crushed, and the HLS tests were undertaken on the -6.3 mm / +0.85 mm size fraction. Dry magnetic separation was performed on the HLS products with sg >2.85 to lower iron content in the concentrate.

Excellent lithium recoveries were achieved ranging from 68% to 83%. Iron content in the HLS concentrates ranged from 0.45% to 1.83% Fe2O3.

Batch Flotation Testing

The flotation feed comprised the HLS middlings stream and the fines fraction (-0.85 mm). The flotation feed assays are shown in Table 4. Due to the high HLS lithium recoveries, the flotation feed grades were relatively low ranging from 0.67% to 1.18% Li2O.

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