Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX: CYM) (“Cyprium” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce further assay results from 28 RC holes (for 7,504m) of the Nifty West drilling program. The drilling programme targeted a lightly drilled area, up-plunge of the former underground mine in the keel area of the Nifty Syncline, below the western end of the Nifty open pit (refer to Figure 1).


  • Assay results have been received from a further 28 RC holes drilled at Nifty West, targeting lightly tested areas of copper mineralisation below the former Nifty open pit.
  • Confirms continuation of significant copper mineralisation in the keel zone to the west at 80- 100m thick, enhancing a potential large-scale open pit development.

Significant results include:

  • 87m @0.92%1 Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in 21NRWP043, including:
    • 63m at 1.10% Cu from 201m including:
      • 4m at 1.85% Cu from 207m & 3m at 1.54% Cu from 215m & 2m at 1.76% Cu from 223m & 3m at 1.44% Cu from 226m & 8m at 2.02% Cu from 233m & 6m at 1.68% Cu from 256m, and
    • 11m at 0.77% Cu from 269m including:
      • 1m at 1.10% Cu from 272m & 1m at 1.49% Cu from 274m
  • 86m @0.57% Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in hole 21NRWP018, including:
    • 8m at 0.49% Cu from 170m including:
      • 1m at 1.09% Cu from 176m, and
    • 9m at 0.81% Cu from 181m including:
      • 2m at 1.23% Cu from 182m & 2m at 1.05% Cu from 187m, and
    • 18m at 0.96% Cu from 196m including:
      • 1m at 2.03% Cu from 197m & 3m at 1.85% Cu from 202m & 1m at 1.36% Cu from 207m & 2m at 1.29% Cu from 209m, and
    • 10m at 0.76% Cu from 215m including:
      • 1m at 1.00% Cu from 217m & 1m at 1.41% Cu from 223m, and
    • 3m at 1.09% Cu from 226m including:
      • 1m at 1.62% Cu from 226m, and
    • 12m at 0.52% Cu from 244m including:
      • 1m at 2.21% Cu from 245m
  • 97m @0.47% Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in hole 21NRWP020, including:
    • 7m at 0.58% Cu from 153m including:
      • 1m at 1.02% Cu from 156m, and
    • 5m at 0.60% Cu from 169m including:
      • 1m at 1.12% Cu from 170m, and
    • 6m at 0.91% Cu from 179m including:
      • 3m at 1.30% Cu from 180m, and
    • 5m at 0.54% Cu from 187m including:
      • 1m at 1.02% Cu from 190m, and
      • 15m at 0.70% Cu from 201m including:
        • 2m at 1.49% Cu from 207m & 1m at 1.19% Cu from 215m, and
      • 4m at 0.75% Cu from 222m including:
        • 1m at 1.78% Cu from 223m, and
      • 7m at 1.90% Cu from 235m including:
        • 3m at 4.09% Cu from 236m
  • 94m @0.58% Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in hole 21NRWP021, including:
    • 7m at 0.65% Cu from 180m including:
      • 1m at 1.98% Cu from 185m, and
    • 18m at 0.98% Cu from 194m including:
      • 1m at 1.62% Cu from 195m & 4m at 1.23% Cu from 199m & 2m at 2.52% Cu from 207m, and
    • 9m at 1.07% Cu from 213m including:
      • 4m at 1.68% Cu from 215m, and
    • 2m at 1.12% Cu from 224m including, and
    • 5m at 1.69% Cu from 228m including:
      • 3m at 2.64% Cu from 228m
  • 100m @0.41% Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in hole 21NRWP042, including:
    • 14m at 1.13% Cu from 224m including:
      • 5m at 2.22% Cu from 228m, and
    • 9m at 0.57% Cu from 246m including:
      • 1m at 1.57% Cu from 251m, and
    • 10m at 0.69% Cu from 268m including:
      • 1m at 1.48% Cu from 270m & 2m at 1.41% Cu from 272m, and
      • 4m at 1.32% Cu from 286m
  • 115m @0.51% Cu downhole zone of copper mineralisation in hole 21NRWP044, including:
    • 5m at 0.53% Cu from 188m, and
    • 9m at 0.83% Cu from 196m including:
      • 3m at 1.64% Cu from 201m, and
    • 9m at 1.56% Cu from 208m including:
      • 3m at 2.25% Cu from 208m, and
    • 17m at 1.22% Cu from 225m including:
      • 5m at 2.80% Cu from 233m, and
    • 4m at 0.85% Cu from 244m including:
      • 2m at 1.35% Cu from 245m, and
    • 4m at 0.75% Cu from 260m including:
      • 1m at 1.34% Cu from 260m & 1m at 1.17% Cu from 262m
  • Assay results pending from a further 25 RC holes completed at Nifty West.

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