Mako Gold Limited("Mako" or "the Company"; ASX:MKG) is pleased to advise that it has received assay results from 14 drill holes from the 10,000m drilling program at the Gogbala Prospect at the Company's flagship Napié Project in Côte d'Ivoire. Gogbala is located on a +23km soil anomaly and coincident 30km-long Napié Fault (Figure 3).


  • Best drill result returned to date from Gogbala Prospect with 20m at 3.41g/t Au
  • Gogbala is located 5km to the south of the Tchaga Prospect (the core focus of exploration to date) and is one of several prospective zones located on the 30km-long Napié Fault. The shallow, wide and high- grade gold mineralisation demonstrated by exploration to date is similar to that identified at Tchaga
  • 14 RC holes received from Gogbala with all holes intersecting significant mineralisation. Select results include:
    • NARC531: 20m at 3.41g/t Au from 19m; including
      • 1m at 6.70g/t Au from 22m and 2m at 14.12g/t Au from 37m
    • NARC535: 23m at 1.81g/t Au from 19m; including
      • 1m at 5.73g/t Au from 24m and 1m at 5.41 from 28m and 4m at 3.05g/t Au from 36m
    • NARC532: 8m at 4.29g/t Au from 82m; including
      • 3m at 8.45g/t Au from 86m
    • NARC534: 9m at 2.52g/t Au from 55m; including
      • 1m at 11.84g/t Au from 55m
    • NARC530: 11m at 1.56g/t Au from 77m; including
      • 1m at 4.27g/t Au from 77m and 1m at 8.60g/t Au from 87m
    • NARC539: 4m at 1.38g/t Au from 71m and 11m at 1.10g/t Au from 79m and 5m at 2.38g/t Au from 125m; including
      • 1m at 7.08g/t Au from 128m
    • NARC528: 8m at 1.27g/t Au from 70m; including
      • 1m at 5.02g/t Au from 77m
    • NARC540: 4m at 1.25g/t Au from 9m and 9m at 1.00g/t from 17m
    • NARC537: 7m at 1.22g/t Au from 9m
  • 4,400m drilled of the planned 10,000m at Gogbala forming part of the larger 35,000m drill program on the Napié Project
  • Further drill assay results are pending for the Gogbala and Tchaga prospects

Mako's Managing Director, Peter Ledwidge commented:

"AfterreceiptofthebestdrillinterceptstodateatGogbala,wereiteratethesimilaritiesofmineralisationstyle between Gogbala and Tchaga. The wide and high-grade intercepts returned from Gogbala drilling is making Gogbala look more and more like "Tchaga 2.0". Both prospects have strong mineralisation outlined over a 2kmstrikelength.Thisincreasesouroptimismfordelineatingmoredepositsalongthe30km-longNapiéfault to target a multi-million-ounce resource. The next target will be the Tchaga North Prospect where we have a 10,000mdrillprogramplanned.WearegrowingthepotentialmineralinventoryatNapiéusingourmethodical approachtoexplorationandarefundedtocontinuetodoso.Welookforwardtoprovidingmoreoutstanding results from Tchaga and Gogbala as they come tohand."

Figure 1: Select new (yellow) and previous (white) gold intercepts on 2km-long high-priority target area at Gogbala on IP geophysics- note pending further assays shown as white dots

Best Results To Date

At GogbalaResults are reported from 14 holes of the planned 10,000m drill program as announced to ASX on 12 August 2021 (Figure 1). All 14 holes intersected significant mineralisation including 20m at 3.41g/t Au from 19m in NARC531. This is the best drill intersect returned from Gogbala to date which is a 69 gram-metre intercept (grams/t Au X metre). The Company's strategy targeting high-grade areas identified from previous drilling and further expanding these zones is paying off as demonstrated by the positive drill results returned.

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