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High-Grade Manganese Rock Chip Samples Up To 54% Mn At The Wandanya Project

Australian manganese explorer and developer, Black Canyon Limited (Black Canyon or the Company) (ASX: BCA) is pleased to announce that reconnaissance mapping and rock chip sampling completed over the Wandanya Project has identified high-grade manganese mineralisation.

  • Reconnaissance sampling over the Wandanya (E46/1407) tenement (BCA 100%) has delivered high-grade surface rock chip samples up to 54% manganese (Mn).
  • Two samples taken 100m apart (across strike) returned 52.9% and 54.3% Mn from an outcrop that is approximately 300m long and 150m wide at the W2 prospect.
  • Other samples targeting manganese across the tenement ranged between 12.2% and 33.5% Mn.
  • No previous surface sampling or historic drilling has been completed over the outcropping mineralisation.
  • Future exploration plans include additional mapping, sampling and gradient array IP (GAIP) to generate drill targets.
The sampling program was part of the initial assessment of the tenement to determine geological setting and mineralisation potential. The Wandanya tenement is located on the eastern boundary of the Oakover Basin and approximately 80km south of the Woodie Woodie manganese mine. Further work is planned to follow-up the results and continue mapping along strike to north.

Black Canyon’s Executive Director Brendan Cummins said:

“The high-grade manganese rock chip results encountered over the Wandanya Project contain approximately 20% more manganese than previous surface mineralisation we have sampled related to manganese enriched shales which commonly range between 25 and 35% Mn. The 50% plus Mn grades at Wandanya are more akin to those related to hydrothermal or contact style manganese enrichment which presents a new targeting opportunity for the Company.

“These early results are very encouraging given the grade of samples and similarities in geological setting to the Woodie Woodie manganese mine. The outcrop is approximately 300m long and 150m wide and to the north there appears to be further mineralisation that will be followed up with mapping and additional sampling.”

Figure 1. Sample site W003 – 52.9% Mn showing manganese enrichment on tenement E46/1407 at prospect W2.

Wandanya Manganese Mineralisation

The high-grade manganese mineralisation encountered at the W2 prospect outcrops over 300m strike and is up to 150m wide forming a gently sloping rounded hill. The mineralisation has been mapped as a mixed manganese dominant ferruginised breccia, with some relict bedding and hosted by dolomite. The area is structurally complex with multiple NE and NW-trending cross cutting faults mapped from aerial imagery. Further work is planned to evaluate the significance of the discovery which will include the evaluation of sub-cropping manganese mineralisation interpreted to the north and along strike that extends discontinuously for a further 1 to 2km.

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