CannabCo believes its PureCann™ technology has the potential to create a new odorless cannabis segment within the cannabis industry. 

As the legalization of cannabis continues to open up new markets, the global cannabis marketplace is projected to grow to reach US$73.6 billion by 2027, according to Grand View Research. The medical segment of the cannabis market grew the most in 2019, growing by 71 percent as cannabis was embraced as a legitimate medical product for treating conditions including cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain and inflammation.

The emergence of cannabis as both a recreational product and a critical component of a number of medicines has contributed to the increase in research and development conducted in the cannabis space. While cannabidiol and the emergence of CBD-based treatments have dominated the medical cannabis segment, the recreational cannabis space has begun to experience its own influx of improvements as legal cannabis begins to benefit from a legal and regulated marketplace.

PureCann™ and Odorless Cannabis

Canadian cannabis innovator Cannabco Pharmaceutical is commercializing a cannabis production technology, called PureCann™, that is designed to create a pure form of cannabis by eliminating the harshness and extracting the unnecessary components of the plant. The company’s goal is to create an odorless cannabis product that can be carried and consumed discretely. “There is no question that there exists a huge demand for odorless products beyond the standard combustion of dry bud,” said Mark Novak, COO of CannabCo. “We are currently exploring numerous products both consumable, and non-consumable which will be produced from the manufacturing facility using PureCann™ as the base technology.” PureCann™ is exclusive to Cannabco.

The following infographic, sponsored by CannabCo Pharmaceutical, is designed to educate investors regarding innovations in the cannabis cultivation industry including the company’s PureCann™ technology.

Odorless CannabisOdorless CannabisOdorless CannabisOdorless CannabisOdorless Cannabis


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