Galan Lithium Limited (ASX:GLN) (Galan or the Company) is pleased to announce the initiation of the long-term pumping test program at its 100%-owned Hombre Muerto West Lithium Project (HMW Project), located on the Western Basin of the Hombre Muerto salar in Catamarca Province, Argentina. These tests are an integral part of the current Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for the HMW Project

  • Four (4) pumping wells to be tested at Pata Pila and Rana de Sal
  • Hydraulic and chemical data to support ongoing HMW Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS)
  • Pumping test program expected to be finished by end Q3 CY2022
  • DFS on track for completion by end CY2022

The program consists of four (4) platforms. Two (2) are located at Pata Pila (PPB-01-21 (constructed) and PPB-02-22 (under construction)), with the other two located at Rana de Sal (RSB-01-22 (constructed) and RSB-02-22 (to be constructed)). The pump tests and subsequent analysis work is expected to be completed by the end of Q3 CY2022.

Each platform consists of one pumping well and 2 to 3 nearby monitoring wells. The construction of each monitoring well was specifically designed by WSP (Chile) to provide the optimal hydraulic information from the test and the expected evolution of the future production well field.

The pumping tests are comprised of two phases:

  • The first phase characterizes the hydraulic information and consists of an initial step-drawdown test, a recovery test and a constant rate test for a total of one week. Brine samples are also collected on each test.
  • The second phase is the execution of a long term (30 days) production pilot test. Several brine samples will be obtained during this phase.

The main objectives of these tests are to:

  • Determine the hydraulic properties of the brine reservoir (permeability, vertical anisotropy and storage coefficient) for each aquifer unit;
  • Verify the maximum sustainable pumping rate for each pumping well; and
  • Register hydraulic parameters (flow rate and brine level), chemical and physical parameters evolution of the brine during each test.

These tests are set to provide the critical information required for the planned Reserve model, to be conducted by SRK (Australia), as part of the DFS. The Reserve model will provide the basis for the production capacity parameters of the HMW Project, and the expected brine feed for the life-of-mine.