Magnis Energy Technologies

Vertically-integrated Battery Technology Developer, Manufacturer and Near-term Graphite Producer


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Magnis Energy Technologies Limited (ASX:MNS) is a vertically-integrated battery technology developer, manufacturer and near-term graphite producer. The company's flagship Nachu graphite project in Tanzania is one of the world's most advanced and shovel-ready graphite projects. The project is fully-permitted, has a bankable feasibility study (BFS), a power supply agreement and a favorable port authority agreement.

Magnis has demonstrated that Nachu represents a viable alternative for end-users seeking a greener and lower-cost supply chain for graphite anodes in lithium-ion batteries. The project is able to produce high-performance, high-purity graphite products without the use of any chemical or thermal purification methods.

The global graphite market is expected to reach $18.7 billion by 2022. The demand for graphite in recent years has been due to a rise in clean energy initiatives, new building materials and the demand for lithium-ion batteries. Graphite is an essential component in lithium-ion batteries and as electric vehicle sales grow, the demand for the metal could grow as well.

In addition to developing its graphite project, Magnis has been working with Charge CCCV LLC (C4V) and Boston Energy and Innovation (BEI) to develop two lithium-ion battery gigafactories in New York, USA and Townsville, Australia.

The New York factory is expected to be operational in the near term and is expected to initially produce one gigawatt hour, but can increase its capacity to 15 gigawatt hours. The factory has received $13.25 million in funding from the New York state government.

The Townsville gigafactory is planned for first production in Q3 2022. The feasibility study for the project was funded by the Queensland State Government. The report outlined an NPV of AU$2.55 billion and an IRR of 21 percent. It also suggested the adoption of a three-phased construction model to reduce capital costs and for the integration of new technology as the facility is built. Magnis and its operating partners have been engaged in discussions with various end-users to secure offtake and sales agreements. Additionally, Magnis is responsible for sourcing the anode material and technology to be used at the factories.

Magnis' Company Highlights

  • One of the largest mineral resources of large flake graphite in the world: 174 million tonnes at 5.4 percent total graphitic carbon for 9.3 million tonnes contained graphite.
  • BFS released in March 2016 contained an after-tax NVP (10 percent of $1.69 billion, an IRR of 98 percent, a capital payback of 14 months and a capital cost estimate of $269 million.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce a greater than 99.95 percent purity coated spherical graphite anode product with no chemical purification processes.
  • Key environmental, mining permits and fiscal agreement in place.
  • Power contracts secured and port authority agreement nearly complete.
  • Arranging project financing and offtake and supply agreements.
  • Acquired 10 percent interest in C4V.
  • C4V has developed the first solid-state lithium-ion battery.
  • 50.8 percent interest (direct and indirect shareholding) in the New York gigafactory.
  • Recently a key member and stakeholder in delivering the feasibility study to Queensland Government for the planned Townsville battery plant (18 gigawatt hours).
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