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Manganese Drilling Results at West Brumby and Redrum Continue to Impress

Bryah Resources Limited (ASX: BYH, “Bryah” or “the Company”) in conjunction with OM (Manganese) Ltd (OMM) is pleased to announce manganese drilling results at its 49% owned Bryah Basin manganese project. The results are part of the program drilled in August 2023. Bryah (49%) and OMM (51%) have a Joint Venture (JV) to undertake exploration to test targets in the area, with a view to commencing manganese production. OMM is a wholly owned subsidiary of OM Holdings Limited (ASX: OMH), one of the world’s leading suppliers of manganese ores.


  • Brumby Creek West drill hole Intersections of:
    • 13m at 22.7% Mn in hole BBRC241 from 15m
    • 6m at 24.4% Mn in hole BBRC249 from 19m
    • 4m at 22.0% Mn in hole BBRC251 from 28m
  • Redrum drill hole Intersections of:
    • 7m at 29.3% Mn in hole RRRC074 from 21m
    • 8m at 29.6% Mn in hole RRRC076 from 14m
    • 5m at 21.0% Mn in hole RRRC072 from 11m
    • 7m at 20.7% Mn in hole RRRC072 from 20m
  • Black Hill North drill hole Intersections of:
    • 3m at 34.8% Mn in hole BHRC035 from 0m
  • Epona drill hole Intersections of:
    • 5m at 21.0% Mn in hole EPRC015 from 15m
    • 3m at 21.5% Mn in hole EPRC028 from 10m
  • Gold Trip drill hole Intersections of:
    • 2m at 25.5% Mn in hole GTRC005 from 3m

Commenting on the drilling, Bryah CEO Ashley Jones said : “These excellent drill results follow our other news flow, being the updated manganese resource and the granting of the mining leases. All the manganese JORC resources are now on granted mining leases. The August drilling results continue to expand the mineralisation at Brumby Creek West and Redrum. Our grades reported are using cutoffs higher than many other ASX reported resource grades, which should give us the competitive edge when it comes to mining”.

The Bryah Basin project area is located approximately 100km north of the town of Meekatharra in Western Australia. The Company’s tenements and manganese mineral rights cover 1,135km² over parts of the western Bryah Basin. Figure 1 shows the Manganese Joint Venture tenement package, with prospects and an existing manganese Mineral Resource. 1

The August 2023 drill program covered 95 holes for 2938 metres. The prospects drilled were Brumby Creek West, Epona, Redrum, Black Hill North and Gold Trip. The best drill intersections continued to come from the extensional drilling around the resources at Brumby Creek and Redrum.

Figure 1: Prospect locations with geology map showing the Horseshoe Formation

Brumby Creek West

Drilling in August continued to follow the shallow manganese mineralisation southwards. The mineralisation appears to be bifurcating with excellent results on the western side becoming prominent. Grade though is still excellent, with the best results of:

  • 6m at 24.4% Mn from 19m in hole BBRC0249
  • 13m at 22.7% Mn from 15m in hole BBRC0241
  • 4m at 22.05% Mn from 28m in hole BBRC0251

Figure 2 Collar Plan of August 2023 Manganese Drilling at Brumby Creek West (Red collars)

Figure 3 Oblique Section Brumby Creek West Prospect


Following the mineralisation to the northeast has continued to give excellent results, whereas results to the south have closed out the mineralisation. The best northern Redrum results are:

  • 7m at 29.3% Mn from 21m in hole RRRC074
  • 8m at 29.6% Mn from 14m in hole RRRC076
  • 5m at 21.0% Mn from 11m in hole RRRC072
  • 7m at 20.7% Mn from 20m in hole RRRC072
  • 3m at 21.2% Mn from 30m in hole RRRC072
  • 4m at 23.8% Mn from 12m in hole RRRC084

The resource at Redrum is 780,000 tonnes - 429Kt at 19.2% Mn Indicated Resource and 251Kt at 18.0% Mn Inferred Resource (Table 1). These further results extend the mineralisation to the north. Drilling mostly closed out the southern extent.

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