NYSERDA Report Highlights C4V Lithium-ion Batteries as Potentially the Greenest in the Marketplace

World renowned agency Abt Associates conducts report on batteries produced by CCV.

  • World renowned agency Abt Associates conducts report on batteries produced by CCV.
  • Report sponsored and funded by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).
  • CCV Generation-1 lithium-ion batteries with its qualified supply chain highlighted as potentially the greenest in the market.
  • iM3NY to be the first factory to make these batteries at Gigawatt scale.

Magnis Energy Technologies Limited (“Magnis”, or the “Company”) (ASX:MNS) is very pleased to announce that a report sponsored by NYSERDA and prepared by world renowned Abt Associates has been released on the Life Cycle Assessment for Charpe CCCV (CCV) lithium— ion battery cells for electric vehicles. These batteries will be first produced in mass scale by iM3NY in Endicott NY Magnis owns directly and indirectly approximately 58% of iM3NY.

Life Cycle Assessment — CCV

With lithium—ion batteries considered as the key ingredient for the future of transportation along with renewable energy security for homes globally While batteries themselves are the backbone of this green transformation that our generation is undergoing, current manufacturing practices today are being questioned due to their carbon and toxic footprint Abt Associates Inc., under a program funded and sponsored by NYSERDA evaluated CCV batteries for the life cycle assessment in electric vehicle market. Abt Associates is a global leader in research, evaluation and program implementation driving innovation and measurable impact for more than 50 years. With over 2,500 employees their development focus is on using evidence and cutting—edge methods to improve the lives and economic well—being of people worldwide.

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