Rafaella Resources (ASX:RFR) consolidates a portfolio of two previously producing tungsten and tin mines in Galicia northwest Spain; San Finx and Santa Comba. The mines are partially permitted and benefit from extensive infrastructure. San Finx was producing tin and tungsten concentrates as recently as 2017. Bringing these mines back into production will substantially mitigate Europe’s supply chain risks.

Rafaella has doubled its exploration position in Quebec with a focus on PGMs, nickel and copper. The Belletere-Anglier Project already hosts shallow high grade deposits and Rafaella is embarking on an exploration programme targeting deeper feeder systems in this prolific mineralised belt.

Rafaella Resources

Company Highlights

  • Rafaela Resources is an exploration and development mining company with assets in Europe and North America that enable it to become a significant contributor to domestic supply chains of critical minerals.
  • The company has two tungsten projects in the Iberian Peninsula with synergistic opportunities to share resources, personnel, and offtake agreements.
  • Rafaela's Iberian Peninsula projects are both moving towards production.
  • Additionally, the company has exploration assets in Canada targeting critical minerals, including PGMs, nickel, and copper.
  • Rafaela Resources is led by an experienced management team and board of directors that create confidence in its ability to reach its goals.
  • Rafaella Resources recently expanded its PGM-Ni-Cu portfolio in Canada through the acquisition of the Alotta and Lorraine PGM-Ni-Cu projects located in Quebec

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