Reach Resources Limited (ASX:RR1) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network's Gold and Rare Earth channels.

Reach Resources Limited (ASX:RR1) is a Perth-based exploration and development mining company, focused on developing a critical metals supply chain in Australia. Its flagship Primrose Gold Project has significant interactions with gold regions based on historical drilling campaigns, including near-surface deposits. Nearby mills within the district will allow Reach Resources to refine its raw materials and quickly generate cash flow, creating near-term value while the company pursues its long-term goals.

Two additional assets are the Skyline Rare Earth Project and the Critical Elements Rare Earth Project, for which the company has wholly-owned exploration licenses. Each project contains known REE mineralizations, and the company is focused on determining the reach of these deposits. In addition to its promising mining projects, the company has also invested in REEcycle, a magnet recycling company, as part of its long-term strategy.

Company Highlights

  • Reach Resources is an Australian-based exploration and development mining company with short- and long-term objectives to create near-term cash flow and long-term value with gold and REE-focused projects and technologies.
  • The company’s near-term value-creation strategy is developing its gold asset, which contains near-surface mineralizations and leveraging nearby mills to create value.
  • Reach Resources wholly owns the exploration licenses for two REE-focused assets that allow for near- and long-term value creation.
  • Investing in an emerging magnet recycling technology, REEcycle, diversifies the company’s portfolio and hopefully allows them to bring the US-based technology to Australia.
  • A strong management team with decades of diversified experience leads the company towards its ambitious goals

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