Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX: CYM) ("Cyprium" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that first assay results from the Nifty West drilling program. The initial batch of results are from 16 RC holes (for 3,830m) drilled within the existing resource model targeting:

  • A lightly drill tested area of potential low-grade copper oxide and supergene mineralisation extending from the western end of the open pit.
  • Poorly drilled area up-plunge of the keel area of the Nifty Syncline below the western end of the Nifty open pit (Figure 1).

  • First assay results received from the Nifty West drilling program targeting lightly tested areas of copper mineralisation below and to the immediate west of the former Nifty open pit.
  • Multiple zones of significant copper mineralisation intersected in the keel of the Nifty Syncline below the open pit. Significant results include:

Hole 21NRWP016 – Copper mineralisation extends over 92m downhole, including:

    • 8m at 1.45% Cu from 191m including:
      • 3m at 3.14% Cu from 195m, and
    • 6m at 0.48% Cu from 201m including:
      • 1m at 1.09% Cu from 202m, and
    • 3m at 0.53% Cu from 210m including:
      • 1m at 1.03% Cu from 211m, and
    • 27m at 0.74% Cu from 214m including:
      • 4m at 1.99% Cu from 218m, 1m at 1.02% Cu from 224m & 1m at 1.16% Cu from 238m, and
    • 7m at 0.58% Cu from 245m including:
      • 1m at 2.02% Cu from 246m, and
    • 8m at 0.91% Cu from 255m1 including:
      • 2m at 1.79% Cu from 260m

Hole 21NRWP015 – Copper mineralisation extends over 90m downhole, including:

    • 9m at 0.71% Cu from 172m including:
      • 1m at 1.85% Cu from 179m, and
    • 20m at 0.68% Cu from 190m including:
      • 6m at 1.09% Cu from 195m & 1m at 1.52% Cu from 206m, and
    • 11m at 0.81% Cu from 213m including:
      • 2m at 1.20% Cu from 217m & 3m at 1.11% Cu from 221m, and
    • 3m at 0.55% Cu from 243m1
Hole 21NRWP013 – Copper mineralisation extends over 68m downhole, including:
    • 8m at 0.61% Cu from 179m including:
      • 1m at 1.83% Cu from 185m, and o 12m at 0.41% Cu from 195m, and
    • 14m at 0.65% Cu from 208m including:
      • 1m at 1.58% Cu from 212m & 1m at 1.18% Cu from 219m, and
    • 5m at 0.97% Cu from 223m, and o 3m at 0.52% Cu from 244m including:
      • 1m at 1.07% Cu from 245m

Hole 21NRWP014 – Copper mineralisation extends over 72m downhole, including:

    • 7m at 0.50% Cu from 198m including:
      • 1m at 1.21% Cu from 202m & 1m at 1.01% Cu from 204m, and
    • 8m at 0.49% Cu from 208m including:
      • 1m at 1.00% Cu from 209m & 1m at 1.01% Cu from 212m, and
    • 8m at 0.69% Cu from 228m including:
      • 1m at 1.58% Cu from 233m, and
    • 6m at 0.60% Cu from 240m including:
      • 1m at 1.60% Cu from 244m
  • Results highlight strong potential for additional open pit mineralisation to grow the existing +0.6 Mt copper Mineral Resource. 2
  • Follow-up drilling currently being planned.
Managing Director Barry Cahill commented:
"The first phase of drilling at Nifty West has clearly demonstrated excellent potential to expand the existing open pit resource up-plunge of the former underground mine within the keel area of the Nifty Syncline. Follow-up drilling is being planned as a priority. In the meantime, we look forward to reporting further assay results from the Nifty West drilling program once they are received and the first results from our Maroochydore drilling program which is now well advanced."

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