Beyond Mining: Building Australia’s Processing Capacity for EV Raw Materials

Electric vehicle (EV) sales and forecasts for the coming decade continue to be reviewed to the upside, leaving little room for doubt that demand for the key raw materials used in EV batteries will increase.

Announcements and commitments from governments and carmakers have led to many raising a question that has been at the center of debates in the industry for years — where will all this supply come from?

Australia is in a privileged position when it comes to resources needed for the electrification of the world, with lithium, rare earths and cobalt found in abundance in the country. But it is not just about mining the right metals, to be used in EV batteries — these materials need to be processed to the right standards.

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Tech Unicorns in Australia

Aussies are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, and this business is key to the country's economy.

Australia has created its fair share of tech unicorns in recent years. But what exactly does that mean?

The term "tech unicorn" is thought to have first been coined by a venture capitalist named Aileen Lee in California back in 2013. It refers to a privately held startup company whose value exceeds $1 billion.

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Australia’s Electric Vehicle Raw Materials Landscape

With plenty of natural resources and a key geographical location, there's little doubt Australia will play an important role in the global transition to green energy.

The country is a top producer of key raw materials needed for electrification, from lithium to rare earths.

Here the Investing News Network (INN) explores Australia's electric vehicle (EV) raw materials landscape and what could be ahead for the country in a space that keeps evolving at a rapid pace.

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Top Battery Metals Stocks on the ASX

As demand for the lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles increases, so too will the need for key battery metals such as lithium, cobalt and graphite, and up-and-comer nickel.

The green energy transition has taken over news headlines around the world, as governments and automakers look for ways to strengthen supply chains for raw materials.

For investors interested in jumping into the battery metals space, here's a list of the top battery metals stocks on the ASX by market cap. All data was obtained using TradingView's stock screener on August 24, 2021.

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Top ASX Cannabis Stocks of H1 2021

Click here to read the previous top ASX cannabis stocks article.

While the Australian cannabis industry continues its progress overall, investors have been able to also see the advancements in the open market.

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