MCA Renews Call to Lift Nuclear Energy Ban in Australia

A study commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has found that more Australians support lifting a national ban on the use of nuclear power than those that want the ban to stay.

The study, done by Melbourne-based research company JWS, differentiated between the status of the national ban on nuclear energy, and the use of nuclear energy in Australia, finding that 40 percent of those polled supported lifting the ban, while 39 percent supported the use of nuclear energy in Australia.

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Gold Miners in Victoria to be Hit with New Royalty

The Victorian government says it plans to slap a 2.75 percent royalty on gold producers, a move that the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) believes will drive away investment in the area.

The 2.75 percent royalty rate currently applies to all minerals other than lignite and gold. Under the new changes the tax will not apply to small miners.

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Australia’s Conservative Government Holds on Despite Polls

Last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison led his center-right Coalition government to a re-election victory in the Australian federal election.

It was an election punctuated by issues pertinent to the resources industry, from the future of coal in the Adani project in Queensland, to electric vehicles (EVs) and sales quotas to an aborted foray into the potential liberalization of attitudes towards nuclear energy.

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Electric Vehicles Hum Onto Center Stage in Australian Election

Australians will soon vote in a federal election that will see the center-right Coalition defend its two term stint in government, and the resources industry has popped up all over the campaign.

A key issue of debate has been electric vehicles (EVs), with party leaders squaring off and taking potshots at each other over clean energy targets, EV incentives, infrastructure and prices, which are all talking points among analysts in regards to when the “EV boom" will hit.

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QRC Defends Mining in Coal-rich Galilee Basin Once Again

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has once again spoken out against a proposed bill to ban mining in the state’s Galilee Basin.

According to a statement from the QRC, the council has “identified … deep flaws” in the newly proposed Mineral Resources (Galilee Basin) Amendment Bill (Qld), which is currently being reviewed by a parliamentary committee.

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