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Here's a brief overview of the top uranium stocks listed on the ASX with year-to-date gains.

Uranium has broken out, with prices hitting their highest level in over a decade in mid-April. The sector's supply/demand dynamics are complex, but a key driver is the global desire to move toward cleaner energy.

Although the uranium market's turnaround has taken time, experts are predicting a bright future, and some ASX-listed companies focused on the commodity have been making gains.

Below the Investing News Network has listed the top uranium stocks on the ASX by year-to-date gains. Data for this top uranium stocks list was gathered using TradingView's stock screener on May 28, 2022, and all companies included had market caps above AU$50 million at the time.

1. Berkeley Energia

Year-to-date gain 55.22 percent; market cap: AU$159.37 million; current share price: AU$0.36

Berkeley Energia (ASX:BKY) is a clean energy company whose main focus is the startup of Salamanca, its world-class uranium project in Spain. The asset is located in a historical mining area that is a few hours outside of Madrid. The Salamanca project is capable of producing 4.4 million pounds of uranium each year, and currently holds a net present value of US$531.9 million.

The company’s March quarterly report shows that in 2021, Berkeley Energia's investment in environmental protection increased by about 55 percent in comparison to 2020. It also reported a 29 percent reduction in energy consumption, specifically fuel and electricity.

2. Alligator Energy

Year-to-date gain 18.18 percent; market cap: AU$210.26 million; current share price: AU$0.07

Alligator Energy (ASX:AGE) is a uranium and energy metals development company. It has three main uranium projects out of Australia: Samphire, Big Lake and Alligator Rivers. Alligator Energy also has a strategic marketing partnership with commodity trader Traxys to provide uranium marketing services for future uranium production.

In May, the company announced the expansion of its Big Lake uranium project by 92 percent, from 818 square kilometres to 10,802 square kilometres.

3. Elevate Uranium

Year-to-date gain: 2.15 percent; market cap: AU$130.86 million; current share price: AU$0.48

Elevate Uranium (ASX:EL8) is an energy metals explorer and developer. It holds significant resources in Namibia and Australia, and is exploring in those regions with its patented U-pgrade process. This process is 100 percent owned, and Elevate describes it as a "beneficiation process for upgrading surficial uranium ores."

In its March quarterly report, Elevate announced that an initial JORC resource estimate is in progress for its Koppies project in Namibia, and said that more areas for drilling have been identified.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Marlee John, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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