Cobalt Investing

3 Biggest Cobalt Stocks on the ASX in 2022

Cobalt prices are on the rise, spurred by surging electric vehicle (EV) sales. EVs require lithium-ion batteries to run, and each battery could contain up to 15 kilograms of cobalt.

This means that as demand for EVs increases, so will demand for cobalt — and, as one of the top three cobalt-producing countries in the world, Australia finds itself in a position to capitalise on this demand.

About 65 percent of cobalt output worldwide comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and that number is set to rise, as per the World Bank. However, Australia is proving to be a solid global contender; though it is only responsible for 5 percent the world’s cobalt output, it holds about 16 percent of cobalt reserves.

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The three largest cobalt stocks on the ASX by market cap are Jervois Global, Cobalt Blue Holdings and Australian Mines.

Battery Metals in Australia

The energy sector is shifting away from carbon-based fuels and toward renewable alternatives, with the electric vehicle (EV) boom being an especially salient example of this trend.

This means battery metals, which are used for a variety of renewable energy ventures, including lithium-ion batteries, are quickly becoming critical raw materials.

Investors have likely already heard about lithium and cobalt, darlings of the EV industry, but other common battery metals include graphite, vanadium and manganese. Lithium is a soft, silver-coloured metal that is most notably used in the lithium-ion batteries used to power EVs. Australia is currently the world’s largest supplier of this popular metal, positioning the country as a major player in the renewable energy sector.

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The electric vehicle revolution is spurring global interest in battery metals. Find out what the landscape looks like in Australia and how to invest in this growing market.

Nickel Investing

5 Top ASX Nickel Stocks

Nickel is a diverse metal that is critical for both industry and technology.

While this lustrous, silvery base metal has historically been used to produce alloys such as stainless steel, its battery applications have become a major focus. Nickel is used to produce lithium-ion batteries, an essential component of electric vehicles (EVs) — a booming market that is sure to continue growing in the next decade.

Nickel prices rose steadily in 2021, soaring above US$20,000 per tonne as demand shot up after a period of decline in 2020. Analyst predictions for how the global nickel space will fare in 2022 are mixed, but in general stainless steel should continue driving the market, with nickel’s battery applications ramping up as EV sales accelerate.

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Nickel is shaping up to be a vital metal in the age of technology. Here's a look at the five top ASX nickel-mining stocks by market cap.

Top Performing Stocks

Best Cobalt Stocks on the ASX

Cobalt prices have soared this past year, with investors paying more attention to this battery metal.

A large reason for cobalt’s bullish behaviour is that it is used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, which power electric vehicles (EVs) — as demand for EVs continues to rise, it's likely cobalt demand will remain strong too.

Currently the future of EVs looks bright — the market is growing quickly and is expected to boom over the next decade. In the first half of 2021 alone, EV sales ballooned by 160 percent, and by the end of the year, a total of 15 countries had announced measures to begin transitioning toward an all-electric future.

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Looking for the best-performing cobalt stocks on the ASX? Here's a look at the three top gainers of 2021.

Gold Investing

5 Top Australian Gold Stocks

Australia is the fourth largest producer of gold worldwide, and this past year has brought ups and downs for the commodity. The precious metal hit its 2021 high point early on and fell soon after.

Lately, gold has been resting at a strong price of around US$1,800 per ounce, and it seems like it will exit the year that way. It may even be in for a serious price hike if inflationary pressures continue on their current trajectory.

Read on to learn more about Australia’s five top gold companies by market cap. All market cap and share price information was obtained on November 25, 2021, using TradingView's stock screener.

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There are many big Australian gold stocks, but these are the five top companies in the sector by market cap.

Copper Investing

5 Top ASX Copper Stocks

Last year, pandemic restrictions forced copper mines to shut down across the world, driving down global production and causing the 10 largest copper-mining companies to suffer dramatic losses.

But in 2021, copper hit an all-time high of US$10,700 per tonne, and stayed over US$9,000 for much of the year.

The three top copper-producing countries globally are Chile, Peru and China, with Australia coming in at number six. Still, there are plenty of untapped resources in the land down under, and Australia is making a name for itself as an up-and-coming producer of this important base metal.

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What are the largest Australian copper companies? These five ASX copper stocks are the biggest on the exchange by market cap.

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