Gold Investing

Top 10 Australian Gold Mines (Updated 2022)

With Australia earning more accolades within the gold space and the price of gold hitting record highs in the last two years, investors may want to find out more about gold mines in the country.

Currently the second-largest gold-producing country in the world, Australia is home to top producers and gold mines.

Read on for a breakdown of the Australian gold market, as well as the largest gold mines that can be found throughout the area.

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Australia is rich in gold, and is home to many major mines. Here's a look at the top Australian gold mines flush with the yellow metal.

Gold Investing

Understanding the Relationship Between the Gold Price and the ASX

As the gold space becomes more prominent in Australia, it can be beneficial for investors to understand the unique relationship between the gold price and the ASX.

The two sources of trade are able to push and pull one another, although in general the price of gold tends to indirectly follow the movements of the ASX.

Read on for a breakdown of gold’s history in Australia and what’s currently affecting the price of gold. We’ll also explain the relationship between gold and the ASX, and how you can benefit from it as an investor.

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Interested in the relationship between the gold price and the ASX? Here’s how the two interact and how you can benefit from it.


Major Resource Projects in Australia to Watch in 2022

Australia’s resource industry is cotinuing to grow. For investors looking to put money into the Australian resource market, this can be a good sign. There are also numerous resource and energy projects in the investment pipeline, many of which are in the committed stage.

Here, the Investing News Network gives an overview of the upcoming resource projects in Australia worth looking out for. The information in this article was taken from the Resources and Energy Major Projects Report (REMP), published annually by the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

The projects listed in this article are considered "major" because they have an estimated value of over AU$50 million and are likely to reach a final investment decision in the next five years.

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Wondering which companies have major resource projects underway in Australia? Read on to find out.

Manganese in Australia

Manganese is a hard, silvery metal with many uses in the world today.

Despite being brittle, it adds strength and wear-resistance to metals like iron. It can be used to make glass and ceramics, and manganese sulfate is even used as a fungicide. Manganese is also an essential mineral in our diets, and is found in the bones and organs like the kidneys, liver and brain.

But most importantly, manganese is used in the Australian and global industrial metals sector. Right now, about 85 to 90 percent of manganese demand comes from the steelmaking and ironmaking sectors.

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Interested in learning about manganese in Australia? Here's a breakdown of the country's manganese market and what to consider before diving in.

Gold Investing

Gold in Australia

With gold in focus due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, some experts are expecting its price to reach all-time highs as investors seek traditionally safe-haven investments.

If you’re interested in investing in gold right now, you may want to turn your attention to Australia, which is currently the second largest gold-producing country in the world.

Read on for a breakdown of gold in Australia, including a look at how each state and territory contributes.

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Interested in gold in Australia? Here's a brief overview of what investors should know about where the yellow metal is found in the country.

Tech Hubs in Australia

The global technology industry has grown at an impressive speed in the 21st century, generally increasing at a rate of about 5 to 6 percent year-on-year. Although 2020 was rocky as the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, the market is expected to see this growth again as it returns to a normal pattern.

New technologies are emerging all the time, and keeping up with every sector can be daunting. It can be helpful to hone in on individual areas, and Australia is a compelling place to look.

Here the Investing News Network provides an overview of the Australian tech landscape, including the country's hottest areas for tech development and the major companies working there.

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Australia has a buzzing tech market, but where are its biggest and most important hubs? Learn about the country's major markets and their development in recent years.

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