Cobalt Investing

Cobalt in Australia

Cobalt prices have been trending up this past year, with analysts remaining bullish on the key raw material, which is used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Demand is soaring as the electronics industry comes to rely on cobalt, and its use will only increase as the world continues to digitise and electrify.

EV sales are on the rise, and these vehicles require lithium-ion batteries to run. Typically around 9 kilograms of cobalt are used to manufacture each battery, and one battery alone can have as much as 20 kilograms. As long as demand for EVs continues to go up, so too will demand for cobalt — and the EV boom has only just begun.

Cobalt is also key in several different alloys with a variety of uses, including in gas turbine engines and magnets. Particularly tough cobalt alloys, such as tungsten carbide and chromium-cobalt, can be used to cut and drill steel.

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Australia is the world's third biggest producer of cobalt, and as companies look for ethical cobalt sources outside the DRC, the country's role will continue to grow.

Top Performing Stocks

5 Biggest ASX Oil and Gas Stocks in 2022

Oil and natural gas prices have gone on a tear in 2022 as demand for energy hits pre-COVID-19 levels and the war between Russia and Ukraine sparks supply concerns.

Even though global governments are looking to transition to cleaner energy sources, oil and natural gas are expected to be an essential part of the world’s energy mix for years to come.

With compelling reasons to enter the oil and natural gas sector, what's the best way for Australian investors to get exposure? The biggest ASX-listed oil and gas stocks by market cap are one place to start.

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How can Australian investors get exposure to oil and gas? The biggest ASX-listed stocks in the industry are one way to get started.

Copper Investing

Best 5 ASX Copper Stocks of 2022

The copper price hit a record high in 2021, and analysts expect prices for the red metal to remain high. This strong copper market has been a boon for ASX copper stocks.

Copper prices rallied to above US$10,700 per tonne during the second quarter of last year on higher demand as the economy began opening back up following strict COVID-19 restrictions.

Although the copper outlook is tainted by a slowing real estate sector in China, demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy is expected to boost copper use in China and globally in 2022.

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Copper hit a record high in 2021, boosting copper companies even into 2022. Here are the best copper stocks on the ASX so far this year.

Gold Investing

Best 5 ASX Gold Stocks (Updated February 2022)

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2021 was a disappointing year for gold, but analysts remain optimistic on the outlook for 2022.

By the end of 2021, the gold price had shed 6 percent after an impressive 2020. Heading into the new year, the metal continues to trade in a choppy sideways pattern, fighting to stay around the US$1,800 per ounce level.

Even so, experts see momentum for the yellow metal moving forward due to factors like continued global economic uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for gold jewelry, gold bars and coins, and the metal’s use in the technology sector are still going strong, and supply is also a growing concern due to decreased gold exploration efforts in recent years, especially among larger companies.

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The gold price is trading lower than some market watchers would prefer, but the top-performing ASX gold stocks so far this year are making leaps.

5 Top ASX Rare Earth Stocks

2021 was an exciting year for rare earths companies and the sector as both demand and prices for the materials remained high. Analysts are showing plenty of optimism for the rare earths market in 2022.

Rare earth elements are key metals for high-tech applications, including permanent magnets, which have widespread potential, especially in the technology and electric vehicle sectors.

One major trend expected in 2022 is that end users will be looking to secure rare earth supplies from sources outside of China. That’s good news for rare earths companies in Australia.

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Read on to learn more about the five top rare earth stocks on the ASX by market cap.

5 Best ASX Technology Stocks

Australia is home to a thriving tech sector with fresh investment opportunities emerging across a variety of subsectors, such as gaming, fintech, healthcare and cleantech.

The technology sector currently contributes about AU$167 billion to the Australian economy, according to research commissioned by the Technology Council of Australia. This figure has increased by 79 percent from 2016, representing a growth rate that is more than four times that of most industries. In fact, the tech sector is the third largest economic sector in Australia, behind mining and finance/insurance.

Unsurprisingly, many tech stocks on the ASX have performed well in this landscape.

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Which ASX technology stocks performed the best in 2021? Here’s a look at the five top ASX technology stocks by share price performance.

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