Tech Unicorns in Australia

Aussies are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, and this business is key to the country's economy.

Australia has created its fair share of tech unicorns in recent years. But what exactly does that mean?

The term "tech unicorn" is thought to have first been coined by a venture capitalist named Aileen Lee in California back in 2013. It refers to a privately held startup company whose value exceeds $1 billion.

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What are tech unicorns, and what does the landscape look like in Australia? Being aware of these billion-dollar companies can help investors identify up and comers.

CBD for Pets in Australia

The medicinal cannabis market is strengthening in Australia, and the country has grand plans of growing, retailing and exporting cannabidiol (CBD) to a keen market.

Among its many applications, CBD is seen as a medicinal aid for people — but what about for pets?

CBD is gaining traction as a remedy for pet ailments as part of an overall treatment plan for chronic illnesses. Read on to learn more about CBD for pets in Australia, from legality to how it can help animals.

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Using CBD for pets is becoming increasingly popular. Here's a look at whether it's legal in Australia and what CBD can really do for animals.

Cryptocurrency Regulations in Australia

Cryptocurrency trading in Australia is booming — from media reports to podcasts to dedicated Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) groups, the Australian appetite for crypto investing is growing.

For many investors and speculators, part of the appeal of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is their decentralised nature. But what does this mean from a regulatory perspective?

Read on to learn about cryptocurrency regulations in Australia and how to work within them.

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Are you up to speed on cryptocurrency regulations in Australia? Learn the ins and outs and keep your investments safe.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Investors looking for decentralised assets (and potentially major gains) in a post-COVID-19 Australia are turning in droves to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin in particular is getting Aussies excited after its price hit record highs in March 2021, and again the next month. As a finite resource, its volatility is proving exciting for many market watchers.

For those interested in jumping into the space, the Investing News Network has put together a step-by-step guide on how to start buying bitcoin in Australia — and how to stay safe while doing so.

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Bitcoin has attracted increasing attention in 2021 as cryptocurrencies gain traction globally. Here's how to buy bitcoin in Australia.

Open Banking in Australia

The first and second phases of open banking in Australia were launched in July and November 2020, respectively, and since then the industry has begun to attract interest.

What does this mean for customers and lenders? Read on to find out.

What is open banking?

Open banking gives you the ability to share your banking data and credit card data with accredited third parties to help you access new banking products more easily.

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Open banking is up and running in Australia, but what exactly does that mean for consumers and lenders? Find out here.

Australia's Cannabis Export Market: Facts to Know

The legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Australia, along with the decriminalisation of cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory, is creating opportunities for the export market.

But what types of cannabis products are being exported from Australia and where are they going?

Read on for a look at Australia's cannabis export market, including how it started up, where the country sends its cannabis products and what could be next as the nation's marijuana space develops.

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Australia's cannabis export market has been developing since the legalisation of medicinal marijuana. Here's what to know about the landscape.

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