Silver Stocks in New South Wales

New South Wales is where silver mining began in Australia, and where the modern company known as BHP (ASX:BHP,NYSE:BHP,LSE:BHP) has roots dating back more than a century.

Silver was discovered at Broken Hill in the west of New South Wales in 1883. Two short years later, the Broken Hill Proprietary Company was floated, and from there the rest is history.

Broken Hill Proprietary, now known simply as BHP, rapidly became the largest mining company in Australia, and then the world, by diversifying, acquiring, merging and spreading its reach so that it had assets and interests on four continents — and it all began with the discovery of silver in New South Wales.

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There are at least five companies mining silver in New South Wales right now. Learn more about silver stocks in this key Australian state, as well as its rich history with the precious metal.

Copper Stocks in Western Australia

Western Australia is viewed as the engine room of Australia's mining industry, but it's not a major player when it comes to copper production and known resources — that crown sits firmly atop South Australia.

Nevertheless, while Western Australia is best known for its iron and gold output, two sectors it has cornered in Australia, it's also home to many base metals mines and exploration projects. At least eight individual base metals projects and operations have been identified by Geoscience Australia, with copper featuring in each of them.

Being home to such a large gold- and iron-mining industry, Western Australia hosts some of the largest mining companies in the world and attracts many prospective exploration and development companies.

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Western Australia is best known for its iron and gold output, but copper stocks in the state are making moves as well.

Silver in Australia

When it comes to precious metals, Australia has long punched above its weight — the nation was born riding the wave of a gold rush.

Gold isn't all that glitters through — Australia is also a major global producer of silver. It's among the 10 top producers, and was ranked seventh in 2020, with 1,300 tonnes coming from the many operational mines in the country. By comparison, the world's top producer, Mexico, produced 6,300 tonnes that same year.

Other key players in the silver market are Peru, China and Russia, which produce more silver than Australia, and the US, Argentina and Bolivia, which produce less.

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Gold isn't all that glitters in the land down under — silver in Australia is a major industry, and the country is home to both large and small players.

Copper Stocks in Queensland

Queensland is one of the top three Australian jurisdictions for copper.

While it's well behind South Australia, a behemoth in the country for resources and production, Queensland hosts some 12 percent of all known Australian copper deposits, level with its southern neighbour New South Wales.

A premier mining jurisdiction globally, Queensland is ranked third out of all Australian jurisdictions for mining investment attractiveness, according to the Fraser Institute. Globally, it's ranked as the 16th most attractive jurisdiction, sneaking in above BC and the Yukon in Canada, and just behind New Mexico in the US.

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Queensland is the 16th most attractive jurisdiction in the world, sneaking in above BC and the Yukon in Canada, and just behind New Mexico in the US.

Graphite in Australia

Graphite has been growing in popularity in recent years as its applications as a battery mineral are realised, and as the popularity of electric vehicles grows around the world.

A form of carbon, graphite is a good conductor and is invaluable in electronics. It comes in three different forms, each with their own valuable applications in modern technology, making it a sought-after commodity without which supply lines for many industries around the world would grind to a halt.

Graphite isn't produced in Australia (yet), but the country sits on 1.05 million tonnes of ore reserves, and 7.14 million tonnes of economic demonstrated resources (EDR), as per 2017 government data — and those numbers are way up from the previously disclosed data from Canberra in 2013.

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Australia isn't a producer of graphite (yet), but three states in the country are home to millions of tonnes of reserves and resources.

Copper Stocks in New South Wales

With around 13 percent of Australia's economic demonstrated copper resources, New South Wales is one of the country's premier jurisdictions for the exploration, mining and export of the red metal.

Though it's well behind the top jurisdiction — South Australia, which almost totally dominates resources and output (69 percent) — New South Wales is unique in that it is home to dozens of smaller projects either in the exploration, development or production stages.

In 2018, AU$260 million was spent on copper exploration across Australia, well up on 2017, and a decent chunk of that was spent in New South Wales, which according to the state government, is home to up to 40 companies that are sniffing around the state looking for the next big deposit.

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Multiple companies are either operating or developing copper mines in New South Wales. Here's a look at copper stocks in New South Wales by market cap.

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