The Directors of eMetals Limited (ASX:EMT)(eMetals)(Company), are pleased submit the Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B for the quarter ending 30 June 2020.


  • Results from reconnaissance stream sediment sampling confirm new Niobium, Tin and specialty metal anomalies discoveries at Nardoo Rare Metals Project.
  • Significant REE stream sediment sample results returned show an enrichment of up to 0.11% total rare earth oxide + yttrium (TREO), with the most anomalous results clustered around pegmatites at the recently acquired Beryl Well prospect.
  • Acquisition of Poona Project which contains extremely fractionated Lithium-CaesiumTantalum (LCT) type pegmatites which are known to contain extreme Caesium and Rubidium enrichments in surface samples (maximum of up to 0.31% Cs, 1.33% Rb). 7
  • Highly anomalous individual rock chip samples of up to 2.58% Li2O, 0.3% Cs, 1.33% Rb indicate the pegmatites are of the prospective LCT subtype. 7
  • The prospectivity of the Poona Project is evidenced by the presence of multiple untested and underexplored pegmatites known to be greater than 1 kilometre in strike length and 200 metres in width.
  • Highly anomalous tungsten identified at the newly discovered Miru Prospect over 2 km in strike length with a peak WO3 stream sample value of 1090 ppm (0.11%).
  • Highly anomalous rare earth neodymium identified at the newly discovered Cairn Hill prospect with a peak Nd2O3 soil sample value of 463ppm (0.046%).
  • An 8 square kilometre area of La-Nb-Li-W anomalism defined around a known pegmatite occurrence at Beryl Well and new areas of REE enrichments defined in over 4 square kilometers of catchments.
  • Drilling planned to commence within the September quarter subject to regulatory approvals.
  • Exploration activities to commence on the Twins Hills gold project within the current quarter.

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